2007 – 2010, large-scale digital prints on matt coated paper
Dimensions variable
Group exhibition Autour et au-delà Broodthaers, Amuseevous Ghent 2008
Selection Kunstsalon Ghent 2008

I buy every day.
Just like anyone.
And I hear of things.
Just like anyone.
I try to capture this
in a receipt
for which there is no market.

Tickets belong to a larger series of works that explore spending and consumption.
All receipts are made after the pattern of received tickets that bore special meaning.
Their re-creation strives to capture brief encounters and their social meaning within the space of a trade format.


May 15, 2008. Lentils, rice, vegetables and tea.
A woman ahead of me at the checkout.
Who is talking rather than paying.
Là, tout de suite.
Bags of food in our hands, suddenly gaining weight.
She’s given change for an answer.
Merci et à bientôt.
I don’t even know who Polo is.