2007, community maps and stop motion video, 1’ 40”
In collaboration with residents of Schaarbeek, Brussels
Group exhibition at Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Dec 2007
Listed in art database, Recyclart Brussels 2008
Group exhibition at Amuseevous National Maritime Museum Antwerp, March 2008
Group exhibition at DARE-DARE Montreal, May 2009

Le quartier se définit comme une organisation collective de trajectoires individuelles;
il est la mise à disposition, pour ses usagers, de lieux ‘à proximité’ dans lesquels ceux-ci
se rencontrent nécessairement pour subvenir à leurs besoins quotidiens.
Pierre Mayol

Trajectographies starts from the gap between the reality and the map of the city.
I asked seven inhabitants of Schaarbeek, a community in Brussels,
to draw their daily routes through the neighbourhood and to take pictures along the way.
Trajectographies is stop motion map of their seven ‘routines’.
A map of seven people not acquainted with each other. A map of seven paths crossing daily.