2011, public installation and distributed publication
In collaboration with Katelijn Vijncke
Commissioned by Platform-K
Distribution of Wisselspoor (Sidetrack) as a centerfold in free newspapers at Ghent central station
28.10.2011 – 5:30 AM
Public waiting room with peep slot and video projections
Entrance hall of Ghent-Sint-Pieters train station
28.10 – 02.11.2011

At the invitation of organization Platform-K, Elly Van Eeghem was linked to a writer with a physical disability.
Spread over several months they worked together on the area around the central station in Ghent,
photographing, filming and writing about what they saw.

Poly/Polis literally means “multiple city”. The project focuses on the multitude of things in the city
and the immense diversity that we look at it in our own way and experience.
What the city is for me, might not be the same as for you.
Maybe we all live in different cities?