2013, site-specific installation of videos and photos
Commissioned for a vacant nineteenth century chapel of
Scheppersinstituut, Wetteren (BE)
In collaboration with photographer Maarten Van den Bossche
and costume designer Leentje Kerremans

The explosions in the gunpowder factory Cooppal made several victims in the nineteenth century. Nearby the plant, an orphanage with a monastery was established on the banks of a now closed river branch. The children of deceased workers were given care and education in the so-called Scheppersinstituut (Creator Institute). Later, children of local skippers were also welcomed.

Leentje Kerremans, Maarten Van den Bossche and Elly Van Eeghem were inspired by the rooms, the atmosphere and the use of these sites and went looking for remnants of the past. Their intense collaboration resulted in Scheppers, a route of photos and videos in which the area of the “Poudrerie Cooppal” and the old school building is evoked in a different way.

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