Window Blind / Blind Window

2013, Performative video installation, 30’
Costumes by Leentje Kerremans
Performance by Anne Breure
Bâtard Festival, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Dec 2013

Window blind / Blind window is a performative video installation for a basement floor space of 3 by 4 meters, entirely wrapped in bubble plastic. The work is a triptych of 30 minutes, each component raises a situation of isolation.

Situation 1 is a solo performance with a maquette of plastered houses.
Situation 2 is a video projection of a speechless dialogue.
Situation 3 is a live environment created by an audience member. Before the show, a random person is given a paper with personal instructions. This way a smoke machine is launched that fills the entire space for 10 minutes. People can leave whenever they wish.

Photos by Tom Callemin