Plan Malem (Topography of the island state)

2015, Guided tours on location, 45’
Impossible Futures Festival, Vooruit & CAMPO
Supported by KASK School of Arts and
Research Fund University College Ghent
On location at Heldenplein 1, Malem island, Ghent
14.03. – 21.03.2015

Plan Malem is part Displacement #2, the second chapter of a long-term project on urban development called (Dis)placed Interventions.

Plan Malem (Topography of the Island State) is a series of guided tours  in collaboration with LOW, Laboratorium voor de Ontwikkeling van het nieuwe Wonen (Laboratory for the Development of new Housing). LOW is a young start-up of local residents and architects. From their design studio on the Malem island in Ghent they develop innovative models for a waterproof neighbourhood.
LOW mixes real threats for the island with a fictional worst case scenario:
What if the water level rises and the island Malem completely subsided? How can we still live here?
Photos © Jan Lietaert & LOW