Housing unit MLM-001

2015, walk and exhibition on location, 60’
In coproduction with Vooruit & Miramiro Festival
Supported by the City of Ghent, KASK School of Arts
and Research Fund University College Ghent
On location at Heldenplein 1 Ghent
17.07. – 22.07.2015
Group exhibition at Croxhapox Ghent
13.03. – 10.04.2016

Housing unit MLM-001 is part Displacement #2, the second chapter of a long-term project on urban development called (Dis)placed Interventions.

Housing unit MLM-001 is a walk and exhibition in collaboration with LOW, Laboratorium voor de Ontwikkeling van het nieuwe Wonen (Laboratory for the Development of new Housing). LOW is a small collective of residents, schoolchildren, architects, artists and handymans. In their workspace on the island Malem in Ghent, they developed a utopian response to a local worst case scenario: What if the water level rises and the island Malem completely subsided? How can we still live here? The potential arrival of water was seen as a chance to think the community entirely different. This way MLM-001 took form: a utopic model for local urban development with its own language and imagination.

MLM-001 is a twofold installation that consists of a lexicon and a box with scale models, videos and sound. Together they propose a model for future urban development. The exhibition was supplemented with diverse material from the working process, an inventory of disowned objects belonging to the past and a rejected development plan for the future.

Following people were involved in LOW: Ruben D’hont, Ilke Bautmans, Lana Kader, Frishta Hassan, Roja Kader, Ronny De Rudder, Peter Geysemans, Adil El-Asraoui, Saher en Lajaly Al-Sutri, Josée Vlaeminck, Het Eiland elementary school, Aurike Quintelier, Jelske De Swaef, Shana Chaerel, Marlies Jacques, Michiel Soete and Elly Van Eeghem.