ATLAS – Beyond Participation

2021 – 2023, Ongoing research

ATLAS is an artistic and social laboratory that unites a collective of artists, critical thinkers and cultural workers. This temporary collective works around four central themes of the European project BEPART: power dynamics, collective policy, redefining the public, and the significance of a particular place. 

Their collaborative practice consists of two components: a book of mappings and a multimedia happening based on these mappings. In turn, the practice also generates new mappings for the book. 

Atlas Collective consists of Elly Van Eeghem, Marieke De Munck, Matthias Velle, Niké van Os, Samah Hijawi, Lieselot Siddiki, Dominique Collet, Leontien Allemeersch, Robin Vanbesien, Michiel Soete, Chris Rotsaert, Fatih Devos, Evelyne Coussens, May Abnet and Andy Sarfo. This project marks the first time the collective is working together.