Displacement #1

From Asnières-sur-Seine Paris to Bloemekenswijk Ghent
2012 – 2013

Showing a video performance on the development of the “Quartier des Fleurs” (Asnières-sur-Seine) on location in “Bloemekenswijk” (Ghent).

Founding a collective workshop of residents and local organizations from Bloemekenswijk to re-create and reinterpret a disappeared neighborhood cinema.

Presenting our collective construction as an open-air cinema with a bar and cartotheque (neighborhood image archive, film programming and atlas of ideas for future development).


Sous les pavés (Beneath the paving stones)
Video performance on location in Bloemekenswijk Ghent

Cinema Forum
Collective construction on location in Bloemekenswijk Ghent
29.06 – 08.07.2013