Displacement #2

From Neukölln Berlin to Malem Ghent
2014 – 2015

Showing a video performance on the development of the garden city “Horseshoe Estate” (Berlin) on location in the garden city “Malem” (Ghent).

Founding together with an architect a collective of schoolchildren and residents from Malem to create utopian responses to local development threats.

Presenting our collective model for new housing.


Video performance on location in Malem Ghent
12.06 – 15.06.2014

Plan Malem (Topography of the island state)
Guided tours on location in Malem Ghent
(Im)Possible Futures Festival, Vooruit & CAMPO
14.03 – 21.03.2015

Housing unit MLM-001
Walk and collective exhibition on location in Malem Ghent
Miramiro Festival
17.07 – 22.07.2015