ATLAS – Beyond Participation

2021 – 2023, Ongoing research ATLAS is an artistic and social laboratory that unites a collective of artists, critical thinkers and … More


2015,  collective installation and lexicon In collaboration with Ruben D’Hont, Marlies Jacques, Michiel Soeteand residents/schoolchildren of Malem In coproduction with … More

Reading urban cracks

2012, book (sold out) Authors: Riet Steel, Elly Van Eeghem, Griet Verschelden & Carlos Dekeyrel Published by University College Ghent and … More


2011, collective installation and publication In collaboration with Katelijn Vijncke Commissioned by Platform-K Wisselspoor (Sidetrack) publication was distributed in the free newspapers … More

How do you translate Babel?

2008, book of 40 pages How do you translate Babel? contains pages from the forty dictionaries that were used for the performance An attempt to … More