Reading Urban Cracks ('10-'12)

From 2010 to 2012, I participated in a two-year interdisciplinary research project of the University College Ghent: a collaboration between KASK School of Arts and the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work.
The research questioned why and how artists as well as community workers intervene in interstitial spaces in the city, “urban cracks”. Artists and community workers are both engaged in reading, analyzing and translating pertinent developments of society, although their intentions and outcomes are fairly different. What could working with the context of an urban crack mean for their artistic or social practice?
Urban fabric series
Oceaniëstraat recto/verso
Book “Reading urban cracks”
Lectures and workshops
2011, Istanbul – 17th ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art)
2012, Ghent – Enter Festival
2012, Ghent – Mind the Book Festival
2012, Newcastle – Duration (Conference on the temporality of contemporary public arts)
2012, Brussels – Bains Connective Art Laboratory
2013, Brussels – Theaterfestival (Conference on performing arts in the public space)
Commissioned community art projects in public space
We will go and jump and turn and go and come back now