We will go and jump and turn and go and come back now

2012, guiding a project in public space for artists with disabilities

Concept by Elly Van Eeghem & Turid Sintobin
In collaboration with Hendrik Heffinck, Floor Verhamme & Nimi Coppejans
Commissioned by TRACK Festival, S.M.A.K. & Platform-K
Installation with backlit photos and a manifest

Installation #1
Entrance hall of Ghent-Dampoort train station
14.07 – 21.07.2012
Installation #2
Entrance hall of Ghent-Sint-Pieters train station
08.09 – 16.08.2012

In We will go and jump and turn and go and come back now, three young artists with disabilities worked around the two train station areas of Ghent and the artworks that where installed there during the open-air exhibition TRACK. Elly Van Eeghem & Turid Sintobin were commissioned to guide the project.
What if the outside becomes inside
and the inside out?
Is there still a public space then
or does it become mine
just for once?

Ghent-Dampoort train station

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Ghent-Sint-Pieters train station