Reading urban cracks

2012, book (sold out)

Authors: Riet Steel, Elly Van Eeghem, Griet Verschelden & Carlos Dekeyrel
Published by University College Ghent and MER. Paper Kunsthalle
ISBN: 978-94-906-9338-1

Reading urban cracks questions the why and how of setting up artistic and social practices in interstitial spaces in the city, “urban cracks”. Urban cracks are conceptualised as in-between time spaces, characterized by an apparent void, where different logics meet and conflict.
The lamination of different historically grown layers of meaning and the crossing of conflicting logics in these ‘useless’ places, are highlighted as significant features, which artists and community workers could act upon.
The authors discuss the potential of localised artistic and social practices that work with the context of urban cracks, and therefore bring forth significant political meanings. Artists and community workers are both engaged in reading, analyzing and translating pertinent developments of society, although their intentions and outcomes are fairly different.

This book is the result of a two-year interdisciplinary research project of the University College Ghent: a collaboration between KASK School of Arts and the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work. The book aims to inspire and enrich artistic and social practices by inciting critical debate on the manner in which practitioners localise their work in a specific urban context. The authors wish to enable reflection and discussion on the potential meanings of interventions in urban cracks.

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