2021, series of multimedia installations

BURB Collective is photographer Maarten Van den Bossche, costume designer Leentje Kerremans and multidisciplinary artist Elly Van Eeghem – Feedback: Dominique Collet – Supported by: the City of Ghent – Thanks to: Arts Centre Voo?uit & Kopergietery 

BURB Collective is inspired by the unsustainability of artificial residential areas and the loss of wild places. They delve into synthetic turfs, sinkholes, fish rains and kelp forests.

Burb is the common abbreviation for “suburb”. At the same time, it suggests the onomatopoeia of a belch or burp.  Something we associate with the uncivilized. Something that escapes our control and urge for perfection. Something bubbling up from the underground.

What if the world we thought we had under control, goes its own path? The downfall as a doorway?

Installation #1
“De kustlijn is nog lang”
Video installation in an empty garage
@ Public Works Festival, Arts Centre Vooruit Ghent, 24 – 25 September 2021
With support by City of Ghent / Culture Ghent