ATLAS – Beyond Participation

2021 – 2023, Ongoing research ATLAS is an artistic and social laboratory that unites a collective of artists, critical thinkers and … More


2016, audio walk & documentary performance on location, 80′ In coproduction with Arts Center Vooruit Supported by KASK School of … More


2014, documentary performance on location, 50’ Residence & Reflection at Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels, May 2014 Technical support by Marlies Jacques Stage … More

Window Blind / Blind Window

2013, Performative video installation, 30’ Costumes by Leentje Kerremans Performance by Anne Breure Bâtard Festival, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Dec 2013 Window blind … More

Oceaniëstraat recto/verso

2011, twofold installation Text projection (‘recto’) Video chronicle and photo archive (‘verso’) Group exhibition at Nieuwevaart Ghent, May 2011 Group … More

C'est égal

2010, performative installation, 45′ In collaboration with Turid Sintobin With residency support of Bains Connective Brussels C’est égal is a visual performance about … More


2010, video based on an action with 130 000 seeds Double projection on opal glass, 45′ Colony is a video … More